Hannes Rieder had a vision. It was his ambition to set up a packaging company – driven by a motivated and well-trained workforce – that uses state-of-the-art technical equipment and offers a first-rate, region-wide service in Austria and its neighbouring countries.


This vision has become a reality. Rieder GmbH is now a full-service provider of packaging services ranging from the production and supply of packaging materials to the packaging itself, as well as storage and documentation services for machinery and plant engineering companies.



...of Packaging

RIEDER (R) - Service

 Project Organisation

Rieder offers much more than packaging. Our highly qualified project managers will accompany your project from the quotation to the shipping, offering detailed consultation and organisation along the way. Each and every one of our project managers specialises in a different area.

Visual Packaging System

Our IT department is currently working on implementing a visually supported storage and packaging system, which allows you to keep and handle all data sets in one database. The batch parts can then be matched with the packaging materials via drag and drop. Additionally, the system allows you to print delivery documents,  container stuffing lists and CMR notes. Packaged goods can also be visually coordinated in the warehouse, which in turn facilitates the handling and scheduling of the outbound vehicles.

24 Hour Shipping Service

A major advantage at Rieder is our flexible and on-schedule production, which we are able to provide thanks to flow production in our main factory in Ramsau, Austria. The current production capacity amounts to 500,000 m2 of boxes per year. Company-owned vehicles facilitate the on-time delivery of our wood packaging materials to our clients all over Europe.